In the age where visuals are key, Boom stands as a platform aiming to provide professional photo images worldwide with the best photographers on site.

Yet, Boom is not only a marketplace designed to book quick, efficient and professional photoshoots – when it all started, one of our goals was to find ways to support the new generation of photographers to actually work with photography and to empower their creativity.

We believe that the right solution lies in technology and innovation. We created an A.I. editing software that understands, transforms and enhances every pixel within seconds, releasing the authors from dull and time-consuming post-production tasks. Being trained by the best dataset, our A.I. ensures that every single picture is error free and always perfectly edited.

While innovation is inherent to BOOM, we’re much more than that. Photography and technology are changing the world and we cannot embrace this shift alone.

After all, the true value of any idea is the people who are making a difference. That’s why we aim to gather and support photographers all around the world in a global collective that seeks to connect, empower and discover new skills together.

We are here to turn any challenges into new opportunities and possibilities for our clients and photographers in a way that has never been done before.

BOOM has grown in more than 16 countries, securing talented individuals for its Collective and still continues to expand, changing the quality standards of the visuals that we see day to day.

Let’s BOOM!